Our Vision

Our vision is to dramatically accelerate financial inclusion in emerging economies, to provide life changing opportunities for prosperity for the most vulnerable two billion people of the world, and to unlock the single largest growth opportunity in the history of global banking and payments.


The benefits of financial inclusion in emerging markets is already well known, with McKinsey estimating $3.7 trillion in global GDP growth potential (yes, that's trillion with a “T”). The demand for banking services in emerging markets is strong but largely untapped due to device affordability issues for the majority of people - so the real challenge is finding a way to provide end users access to these services in a way which is affordable - and then rolling out these devices as quickly as possible.

Smartphones enable mobile banking for those that can afford them - but their cost is prohibitive for the majority of people in emerging markets - leaving an enormous untapped opportunity in those markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simply power secure financial services to converge onto a single app on every mobile device in the world connecting every financial services provider so the vulnerable of the world will benefit from the forces of competition.

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